Tools Session


The SBRC “Tools Session” is a forum that will gather developers and researches interested in the architecture, implementation, and practice of systems and tools, which all contribute to the enhancement in the area of computer networks and distributed systems. In order to promote a discussion regarding the presented studies - and to provide the authors with improved feedback - the Tools Session will focus on the demonstration of these systems and tools, on the experience of its development, on issues regarding implementation and usage, as well as on the prospects created by them. This event will take place during the week of April 30th to May 4th in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, as a part of the scheduled activities of the XXX Simpósio Brasileiro de Redes de Computadores e Sistemas Distribuídos (XXX Computer Networks and Distributed Systems Brazilian Symposium) (SBRC 2012).

Topics of Interest

All of the studies that discuss systems and tools, which contribute to the enhancement of the knowledge in the areas of computer networks and distributed systems, will be of interest to the SBRC Tools Session forum. The non-exhaustive list of topics includes the following:

  • Ad hoc networks
  • Autonomic distributed systems
  • Autonomic networks
  • Characterization of networks and services
  • Cloud computing
  • Cognitive computing
  • Delay/disruption-tolerant networks
  • Detection and prevention of anomalies and attacks
  • Digital TV
  • Distributed algorithms and applications
  • Distributed multimedia systems
  • Distributed operating systems
  • Distributed real-time systems
  • Fault tolerance
  • Future Internet
  • Grid computing
  • Management and operation of IT infrastructure
  • Management and operation of networks
  • Middleware
  • Mobile computing
  • Mobility
  • Network measurements and monitoring
  • Online social networks
  • P2P networks and systems
  • Performance,scalability and reliability
  • Protocols
  • Quality of Service(QoS)
  • Routing, switching and addressing
  • Security in networks and distributed systems
  • Self-organizing networks
  • Service-oriented computing
  • Specification, validation and verification
  • Traffic engineering and control
  • Ubiquitous computing
  • Vehicular networks
  • Virtualization
  • Web services
  • Wireless mesh networks
  • Wireless networks with infra-structure

Tool Requirements

The Tools Session focuses on experimental results and functional tools/systems that are available for usage. Although ongoing studies will be accepted, they must be presented and be readily available in a URL, along with its documentation, upon the article submission.

Instructions for the Authors

Articles submissions must be exclusively electronic, by means of JEMS system. In order to do so, authors must access the URL. Articles must be written either in Portuguese or English, and may only be submitted in PDF format. Each paper is limited to 8 pages, including the summary (and ‘abstract,’ for articles written in Portuguese), figures, diagrams, references and appendices. Articles should be formatted according to SBC article samples, which are available in Templates-SBC .

The paper must contain the following information:

  • Description and motivation of the problem addressed by the tool;
  • Solution architecture and description of main functionalities;
  • URL of where the tool may be available;
  • URL of the manuals and tools documentation;
  • Description of the demonstration planned for the SBRC.

The information given, as well as the actual existence of the URLs as indicated, is indispensable for the evaluation of the studies.


The evaluation process will take under consideration the quality, relevance and innovation of the practical results, as well as its documentation, the submitted article and the demonstration proposed to the SBRC 2012 Tools Session.

Important Deadlines

Paper Submission: 12/03/2012 (prazo firme)
Communication of Results: 27/03/2012
Submission of the Final Version of Accepted Papers: 02/04/2012

Organization Committee

SBRC 2012 General Coordination

Jussara Marques de Almeida (UFMG)
Dorgival Olavo Guedes Neto (UFMG)

Coordination of the Evaluation Committee

Humberto Torres Marques Neto (PUC Minas)
Ricardo Rabelo (UFOP)

Evaluation Committee

Aldri dos Santos (UFPR)
Alfredo Goldman (USP)
Antonio Alfredo Ferreira Loureiro (UFMG)
Antonio Mury (LNCC/MCTI)
Antonio Rocha (IC/UFF)
Bruno Schulze (LNCC/MCTI)
Carlos Ferraz (UFPE)
Carlos Kamienski (UFABC)
Carlos Alberto Vieira Campos (UNIRIO)
Daniel Batista (USP)
Fabio Costa (UFG)
Fabrício Benevenuto (UFOP)
Flavia Delicato (UFRJ)
Gustavo Figueiredo (UFBA)
Gustavo Torres (SERPRO)
Humberto Marques (PUC Minas)
Leandro Melo de Sales (UFAL)
Leobino Sampaio (UFBA)
Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville (UFRGS)
Luis Carlos De Bona (UFPR)
Luiz Filipe Vieira (UFMG)
Marcio Miranda (UFRRJ)
Marcos Vieira (UFMG)
Nazareno Andrade (UFCG)
Nelson Rosa (UFPE)
Olga Goussevskaia (UFMG)
Paulo Pires (UFRJ)
Paulo André da Silva Gonçalves (UFPE)
Raphael Camargo (UFABC)
Raquel Lopes (UFCG)
Ricardo R.Oliveira (UFOP)
Ronaldo Ferreira (UFMS)
Taisy Weber (UFRGS)
Vagner Sacramento (UFG)

Contact information

sbrc2012sf [at] gmail [.] com






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