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Welcome to XXX Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (SBRC 2012) in the beautiful and historic city of Ouro Preto, MG! Sponsored annually by Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) and the National Laboratory of Computer Networks (LARC) , SBRC 2012, at its thirtieth edition, seeks to maintain its position as the most important scientific event in the national Computer Networks and Distributed Systems and one of the largest area of ​​IT in the country. It also seeks, as is their tradition, encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences, discussion of challenging research topics, as well as closer ties between students, teachers, researchers and professionals.

To this end, the SBRC 2012 is a program with very rich, varied and high technical quality. There are 19 technical sessions with the submission of full papers covering a wide list of very relevant and current topics in the areas of Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, 3 technical sessions with presentations of tools, five courses, four hours each, on topics usually not addressed in current curricula; five lectures and a tutorial given by researchers of high international reputation; three lectures by professionals from companies of proven excellence and leadership in the market and dealing three panels on current issues and controversial. Besides these activities, 8 workshops take place in parallel with the event: XVII Workshop de Gerência e Operação de Redes e Serviços (WGRS), XIII Workshop da Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (WRNP), XIII Workshop de Testes e Tolerância a Falhas (WTF), X Workshop de Computação em Grade e Aplicações (WCGA), VIII Workshop de Redes Dinâmicas e Sistemas P2P (WP2P), III Workshop de Pesquisa Experimental na Internet do Futuro (WPEIF), II Workshop on Autonomic Distributed Systems (WoSiDA) e II Workshop de Redes de Acesso em Banda Larga (WRA).

In particular, in celebration of its 30th edition, SBRC 2012 brings some new features. The technical program includes a session of invited papers, written by exponents of the community. These items come to recall the history of the event and its scientific community, encouraging a reflection on its evolution over these 30 issues and on new directions for this community. The program also has a panel that aims to make a retrospective review of 30 years of research networks in Brazil, contrasting it with the evolution of the area overall. Finally, to honor those who have contributed significantly to the development of research and strengthening of the scientific community in the areas of Computer Networks and Distributed Systems in Brazil, the SBRC 2012 creates the SBRC Distinction Award, which will be awarded annually. In this first edition of the award, the honoree is Professor Albuquerque Edmundo de Souza e Silva, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, in recognition of his scientific contributions and services rendered for the benefit of the SBRC and your community.

The organization of an event the size and importance of the SBRC can be achieved only if it receives the help of a skilled and cohesive team. We would like to thank the members of the Committees of the General Organization and Local voluntary work of excellent quality and unflagging support during various stages of organizing this event. We are also grateful to the support provided by SBC, particularly members of the Special Committee on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, the promptness and attention were devoted to us. We thank also the Internet Steering Committee in Brazil ( , government agencies to promote - CNPq , CAPES and FAPEMIG , the National Institute of Science and Technology for the Web (InWeb) and the sponsors for recognizing and appreciating the importance of the SBRC as a forum for dissemination of research and innovation. Finally, our thanks to Department of Computer Science at UFMG , for making possible this event, as well as the Department of Computing UFOP , for supporting this achievement.

On behalf of the organizing committee of the SBRC 2012, one week we wish you all a productive and enjoyable. We hope that the traditional hospitality and the fabulous mining and eighteenth Ouro Preto leave unforgettable memories of this thirtieth edition of the SBRC.

Jussara Marques de Almeida
Dorgival Olavo Guedes Neto
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